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ZTWWorks Steel Spring Guide Base for VFC QSC Spring Guide
These spring guide bases are 3D printed with 60% steel and 40% bronze binder. The wings are much thicker and are shape optimized to distribute load better, these are much stronger than the original VFC zinc base which is prone...
ZTWWorks PVS-14 Spanner Tool Set
3D printed SLA resin spanner toolset for tube retaining ring, and objective lens retaining ring AKA close focus stop. The objective retainer tool costs more to produce as it makes use of steel inserts for durability, as an entirely 3D...
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ZTWWorks Gen 2 Magazine Follower (Pack of 5)
The problem with most AEG magazines is that the internal BB channels are double stack, while the followers are typically undersized single stack followers in order to go all the way to the top of the mag. Double stack sized...
ZTWWorks FS2 Handstop (MLOK / Keymod)
The Forward Swept Stubby (FS2) Handstop was inspired by popular stubby grips on the market, which users often chop down or flip backwards.  The design features a slight forward sweep to assist the user in gaining a firm grip. This allows...
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ZTWWorks BNVD-1431 Screw Replacement Kit
Replacement screw kit for BNVD-1431 These screws are much higher quality than the original screws. The original ones both look cheap, and strip easily. This kit replaces all of the button head hex and phillips screws with socket hex screws...
ZTWWorks 3D Smol PP Selector (VFC Ambi)
Smol PP Selector for VFC Ambi AEGs Flex on everyone else with this lovely Smol PP made of black SLA resin. Left side fire selector compatible with VFC Ambi receiver gear sets only. Due to the nature of 3D printing,...
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ZParts Ambi Steel Selector for VFC / Umarex HK416 GBBR
The Z-Parts Ambi Selector for the either Umarex HK416 are drop in dual side fire selectors. It's designed for ambidextrous control and are direct replacements for the original selectors and require no interior modifications!
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Xpert AEG Brushless Motor for V2 Gearbox (Long Type) (By NOVA TECH)
 Features and specifications     Brushless design - eliminates many mechanical limitations.      Equipped with electronic MOSFET that allows voltage, temperature, and resistance monitoring.     Can be programmed and set up burst mode (2 - 5rds).     ...
Xcortech XT501 MK2 Ultra Bright Airsoft Silencer Tracer Unit (Black)
The Xcortech XT501 Ultra Bright Airsoft Silencer Tracer Unit is the perfect choice to light up your shots at night or dark environments. This updated version runs on 4x AAA batteries that lasts up to astonishing 120,000 rounds. The tracer...
Xcortech XT301 Mini Tracer Unit
Micro tracer unit! Specs: Xcortech XT301 6mm BB Compact Tracer Unit (11mm CW + 14mm CCW)Sustains tracer function up to 35 RPS (2100 RPM).Two light sources for optimal illumination.Integrated motion sensor, Auto On/ Off, Sleep Mode (Motion On)Built-in lithium battery.Battery level...
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Xcortech X3200 MKIII Chronograph
Measures muzzle velocity from 30 m/s ~ 400+ m/s (90 fps ~ 1200+ fps) Calculates muzzle kinetic energy from 0.01~999 joule High quality DOT Matrix backlit LCD display External micro-USB power input Enlarged shooting tube (38mm) to easily line up...
Xcortech 3500 Chronograph w/ Remote Display
Xcortech has a reputation for making the most accurate and reliable chronographs in Airsoft. Their newest model is the X3500, which is an upgrade to the older X3200 model.The X3500 can be rotated and comes with a folding display unit...
Wolverine WRAITH Serviceable Puncture Pin Assembly
This is for WRAITH Co2 Stocks and Adapters. Includes Hook Wrench for servicing seat and O-ring seals
Wolverine WRAITH QD End Cap
WRAITH Quick-Change end cap
Wolverine Wraith Dual Air Source Kit (HPA Line & CO2 Stock)
This kit allows you to switch between running CO2 through your Wraith stock and an external air source (HPA tank).    
Wolverine Wraith CO2 Stock 33g Edition AEG (M4/V2)
Approx. 500 shots per cartridge with stock M4 setup. Integrated custom Storm regulator. Compatible with all Wolverine Airsoft HPA engines. Adjustable pressure range of 40-140 psi.  
Wolverine Wraith CO2 Stock 33g Edition - for MTW
Approx. 500 shots per cartridge with stock M4 setup. Integrated custom Storm regulator. Compatible with all Wolverine Airsoft HPA engines. Adjustable pressure range of 40-140 psi.  
Wolverine WRAITH CO2 Stock - MTW Version
User Manual You may be familiar with the WRAITH CO2 Stock that has been out for several years now. We had to modify it to create the MTW version of the WRAITH CO2 Stock. If you already have a WRAITH CO2...
Wolverine Wraith CO2 Stock (M4/V2)
User Manual OVERVIEW The Wolverine Airsoft Wraith: CO2 Stock gives you the great performance of HPA without the line. Perhaps the biggest resistance to HPA that we have heard from people is that they do not want to carry around a...
Wolverine WRAITH CO2 Adapter - 33g Edition
The Wraith CO2 adapter is standalone version of the quick change CO2 adapter from the Wraith: CO2 Stock. This adapter is unlike anything else on the market. The Patent Pending Quick Change mechanism allows a fast change of cartridges and...
Wolverine Wraith CO2 Adapter
For use with Wolverine Bolt System, Mancraft SDIK Kits, and other Slow FIre Weapon systems. The WRAITH: CO2 adapter is the standalone version of the quick change CO2 adapter from the WRAITH: CO2 Stock. This adapter is unlike anything else on...
Wolverine WRAITH AERO Air Stock - MTW Only (PDW / Standard)
The WRAITH AERO Stock is an adaptation of our WRAITH CO2 Stock. It allows you to power the MTW by using a 13/3000 cubic inch tank in the stock. This provides approximately 1,000 shots per tank before requiring a refill. ...
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Wolverine Storm Regulator (On Tank) (Standard / High Pressure)
STORM OnTank is the first regulator designed specifically for airsoft. With ultra-fast recharge rate at both high and low pressure, the STORM regulator is the perfect companion to our HPA engines! It is extremely low-profile and has a convenient zip-tie...
from $224.95

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