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Redline AirStock Gen-2 (For VFC M4/HK416)
The patented Redline Airsoft AirStock allows you to ditch your remote hose and mount a tank directly to your gun! Intended for use with a 13cu air tank air tank that, depending on your setup, gets from 700 to 900...
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Redline Crane stock style AirStock tank covers (Black / Tan) - Black
OEMed by Milwaukee Custom Kydex. These high-quality Kydex tank covers help to complete the look of the rifle as well as give a better cheek weld. Their two-piece design means they snap on and off easily for tank changes, yet they...
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Redline Stock Sock - BK
To cover your tank on Gen2 Redline air stock so it won't freeze your cheek!
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