Lonex POM Ventilated Piston Head
The LONEX POM Ventilation Ball Bearing Piston Head is a great cost effective high end replacement for your standard Airsoft AEG rifles piston head.  The LONEX POM Ventilation Piston Head comes with ball bearings that help relieve spring stress. This...
ACE1ARMS/SHS/ZCI Anti-Reversal Latch (V2 & V3)
Sintered steel latch on a steel shaft, comes with spring.
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ZTWWorks Steel Spring Guide Base for VFC QSC Spring Guide
These spring guide bases are 3D printed with 60% steel and 40% bronze binder. The wings are much thicker and are shape optimized to distribute load better, these are much stronger than the original VFC zinc base which is prone...
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VFC Dummy Bolt for M4 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles
Regular: Black SR16: Silver 416: Black, H&K Trademark
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BCA Anti Reversal Latch Compression Spring Modification Kit
In a well tuned gearbox, the gears, piston, and other main components should almost never fail. For many years however, the failure of the simple anti reversal latch spring remained a difficult issue to resolve as no matter what brand...
G&G Anti Reversal Latch (V2 & V3 Gearbox)
G&G Anti Reversal Latch Manufacturer: G&G Model: G&G Anti Reversal Latch for V2/V3 SKU: G-10-015 Model: G&G Anti Reversal Latch Material: Metal *Will work on G&G Top Tech Pneumatic Gearbox but spring release feature will not work if this anti reversal...
VFC ECS Avalon Gearbox (V2 / M4)
The VFC Avalon ECS M4 Complete Gearbox.  M4 Avalon AEG style fits in all the VR16 Avalon guns by Elite Force.  A fully built and ready to the drop-in gearbox with all its parts ready to go.  Fits airsoft M4...
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Angel Custom POM Enhanced Piston Head w/ Bearing
Features: Lightweight and durable polycarbonate reduces weight and improves reliability of the piston head High grade rubber O-ring provides superior air seal ensuring reliable performance Porting expands the O-ring providing a seal that fits most popular AEG cylinders Aluminum stalk...
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VFC V2 Cut off Lever
Designed for use with the Version II Gearbox
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