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PDI W-hold Hopup Bucking (GBB / VSR-10)
PDI rubbers have two ribs for improved air seal. The design has two nubs with a channel in between, which helps center the BB in the barrel for more consistent hop application. This hop up will work in most Tokyo...
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Maple GBB Leaf HopUp Chamber Unit (Glock / Hi-capa / 1911) - Orange
Aluminum hop-up chamber with improved pressure plate and I-Key included Suitable for Marui/WE/KJW 1911 Series and Socom Gear Les Baer 1911 Suitable for Marui/WE/KJW Hi-capa series Suitable for WE Glock series, Marui G17/G18C and VFC Glock series
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NineBall VSR-10/Marui Improved Lip GBB Hopup Bucking (Wide Use Air Seal Chamber Packing)
One of the best selling hop up rubbers in our store!Guarantee high air seal, reduce power loss and stabilize the BB trajectory. Suitable for Marui VSR-10, Hi-Capa 4.3 / 5.1, P226, Socom MK23 and G26/Advance /G17.
CowCow Enhanced 3L HopUp Chamber for TM Hi-CAPA/1911
CCT 3L HopUp Chamber was constructed by aluminum 7075 with CNC machined. Its lightweight design and redesigned structure can provide extra support to the lower part of chamber. 3 "L" design drive a better accuracy and consistency with high durability...
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AM GBB Brass Hopup Base (TM Hi-Capa / 1911)
Airsoft Masterpiece CNC machined brass Hopup unit. Superior durability. Improved hop arm for better contact and consistency. CNC Precise cut to fit TM Spec Hi-Capa/1911.  
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