BCA Gearbox Upgrade Spring (M90-M150)
Brands are as follows: Ace1Arms / Core Airsoft / Blitz Tech Spring M90- 290 to 300 fps .20g BBs varies by AEG. Spring M100- 340 to 350 fps .20g BBs varies by AEG. Spring M110- 375 to 390 fps .20g...
$14.95 $12.69
BCA AEG Reinforced Tappet Plate Spring (v2 / v3)
A stronger tappet plate spring helps with "midcap syndrome", which is where some guns drop BBs on a fully loaded midcap but begin to shoot normally 30 rounds into the mag. The reason for this is that the nozzle is...
$4.95 from $4.20
SHS / RA Extreme High Speed AEG Gearset (12:1 / 13:1)
Oem'd by SHS / Rocket Airsoft New Gen4 version, with 10 teeth bevel gearAffordable gearset for high speed setups12:1 or 13:1 gear ratioFeatures hardened steel material
$29.95 $25.43
SHS/RA AEG Super Lightweight 14 Teeth Piston
NEW model with improved teeth quality and tolerances.  Made of high grade polymer with a full steel tooth rack. Skeletonized piston body for extreme light weight, great for high speed setups.
$14.95 from $12.69
Steel shim set for AEG. 
$4.95 $4.20
Prometheus Neo POM Piston Head
An essential part of upgrading your AEG, the Duracon Piston Head with Thrust Bearing has been remade to be more effective. Redesigning the ports at the head reducing the total weight of the piston head, the NEO POM Piston Head...
$34.95 $29.67
ACE1ARMS/SHS/RA Stainless Steel Cylinder (No Port/ Ported)
Stainless steel cylinder, ribbed for improved heat dissipation. Full volume to match barrel length up to 590mm.
$14.95 $12.69
BCA CNC Aluminium Cylinder Head w/ Sorbo (AOE Corrected) (V2/V3)
Build to order, 5 business days lead time. CNC Aluminium cylinder head with a re-machined impact face and Sorbo pad installed for shock reduction. Use this to reduce gearbox shock and stress. It will also help space out the piston assembly for an...
$24.95 $21.18
Guarder Enhanced Ver.2 POM Tappet Plate for M4 / M16 / MP5 / G3 Series Airsoft AEG
Guarder Polycarbonate Enhanced for Ver.2 Gear Box. This is our tappet plate of choice, it is one of the most durable tappet plates on the market. 
$21.95 $18.64
SHS/RA High Torque Motor (Long Axle / Short Axle)
*Motor colour may differ between batches. Internals are all the same.* Balanced armature winding with strong neodymium magnets,18 TPA. Made for a lot of power! Use with 350+ fps AEGs.
$49.95 $42.41
SHS / RA 7 Holes Swiss Cheesed Lightweight Steel Teeth Piston
Made of high grade POM featuring full steel teeth. Pre-lightened with 7 holes in the body making this piston extremely lightweight, great for high speed setups. 15T is a standard piston rack, 14T has the second tooth removed to assist with correction of angle of engagement....
$14.95 $12.69
BCA Sorbo Pad for V2/V3 Centered Nozzle Cylinder Head
The 70 Hardness Sorbo pad is for version 2 and 3 cylinder heads.This precision laser cut Sorbothane bumpers for airsoft gearboxes will greatly absorb the impact of the piston head and cylinder head. What does this cheap upgrade do for you? - Significantly reduces the risk...
$8.95 $7.60
SHS/RA Meteorite Steel Bushings Set (6mm/7mm/8mm/9mm)
Heat treated steel ensures that these will not break on you. Bearings will reduce friction but they will fail under stress. We use solid steel bushings on all of our high end builds to ensure reliability. Part:8mm steel bushings Application: Ver.2 /...
$14.95 $12.69
BCA AEG Piston Head X-Ring
Unlike traditional O-rings, X-rings seal better under pressure instead of blowing out. These X-rings are sized to provide a tight seal in standard cylinder sizes. We recommend sizing your cylinder to reduce internal friction as well. X-rings are compatible with...
$4.95 $4.20
ACE1ARMS/SHS Aluminum Nozzle with O-Ring (AK/M4/G36)
Product Description:   CNC machined aluminum air seal nozzle with internal o-ring for improved air seal.
$7.95 $6.75
Jefftron Leviathan V2 Computerized AEG Trigger Board (Bluetooth)
Leviathan - V2 is processor controlled mosfet with Bluetooth communication. It adds new shooting modes, controls RoF, pre-cocking, active braking, low battery indication, statistics...Everything is controlled via application in the smart phone (iOS and Android).Device is fully integrated inside the...
$179.95 $152.78
ASG INFINITY CNC U-18000 Motor (Long Axle / Short Axle)
Description The Infinity CNC 18000 motor was created after continued requests from airsoft technicians asking for a super torque option in our motor lineup. The 18000 motor is the world's first airsoft motor that combines 28 TPA with high-strength neodymium...
$99.95 $84.86
SHS/RA AEG M4 Nozzle (w/ O-ring)
7075 CNC Aluminium construction. Double o rings design for best air seal and helping centerlizing the nozzle. (Colour may vary)
$7.95 $6.75
ACE1ARMS/RA/SHS CNC Aluminum Piston Head
7075 aircraft-grade aluminum construction, flat ported impact face for reduced wear on sorbo pads. Includes a set of washers and bearings to reduce torsional force on the spring. (6 holes, flat surface, sorbo friendly)
$12.95 $10.99
Siegetek Revolution High-speed Gearset (10.44:1 /14.09:1) (w/ Pinion Gear)
("O" Pinion Gear Included) 4 gears in total. Siegetek gears are the best gears on the market. Period. Barring extreme user error, they are pretty much indestructible. We've installed hundreds of sets without a single failure. All components are CNC...
$264.95 $224.94
SHS/RA/ACE1ARMS CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head (V2/V3/G36)
CNC machined aluminum cylinder head with face machined for rubber impact washer. Rubber washer can be removed for sorbo pad installation. Double O-ring design ensures a tight seal against the cylinder.
$12.95 $10.99
BCA 3034 Mosfet Unit for V2 In-Gearbox (Made-to-Order)
 ---Made to Order--- -Professional installation recommended-Reduces electrical resistance-Protects trigger contacts and prolongs gearbox life These are based on the International Rectifier 3034 MOSFET with the addition of a 5000W TVS diode which protects against voltage spikes up to 5000 watts....
$39.95 $33.92
BCA Dean Connectors (Male & Female)
Upgrade your Tamiya connectors with a sweet set of Deans connectors. Not only do they feature lower internal resistance for higher electrical flow resulting in high overall system efficiency, they are easy to connect and disconnect. No more fiddling around...
$1.50 from $1.27

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