LCT PK-371 Ver. 3 QSC Gearbox Shell for AEG (9mm Bearings)
For LCT AEG. Ver. 3 (V3) Quick Spring Change gearbox with 9mm bearings. If you are running an older non-QSC LCT gearbox, these are a good upgrade for both convenience and durability, as 9mm bearings are sturdier than those in...
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Prometheus EG Hard Gearbox V2 (6mm / 8mm)
EG Hard Gearbox Shell Ver.2  (6mm) Complete redesign of the classic version 2 gearbox for AEGs. The EG Hard Gearbox Shell has been designed from the ground up to solve many of the issues of past designs. New split panel...
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VFC QRS ECS AEG V2 Gearbox (Quick Spring Change)
The gearbox is a VFC design but internally is entirely compatible with standard series parts making maintenance upkeep, repairs and modifications as simple as any other version 2 gearbox.
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