Mancraft Spring Sniper Rifle HPA Conversion Kit (SDiK)
SDiK - The Sniper Drop in Kit is a set of components which allows the user to convert a spring rifle into a HPA-powered rifle. It is an extremely effective yet still relatively inexpensive way to upgrade. The entire patented...
from $299.95
Mancraft HPA Ares Striker Sniper Rifle (SDIK Installed)
Built to Order. The project requires 10 - 14 business days to finish. Mancraft HPA Powered Striker Sniper Rifle. Taking advantage of the HPA powered shot to shot consistency and short stroked bolt. -SDIK 4mm- 1/8 QD Fitting Included Upgrade...
from $499.95
Sold Out
Mancraft 4mm-1/8 North American QD Fitting
QD Fitting for your Sniper Mancraft Kit. 1/8 Fitting is suitable for: Redline SFR or Firebase Reg. Wolverine Storm Reg. Ninja Lpr Reg.
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