Modify Flat Baton Ryusoku Hopup Bucking (Black / Grey)
Flat type hop-up bucking nub provides maximum pressure for optimum BB spin, increases accuracy and range For best results use .25g weight or higher Medium-HARD type, good for guns shooting 350fps and above Unlike other flat type nubs, the Modify...
PDI W-hold Hopup Bucking AEG (50' / 70')
PDI rubbers have two ribs for improved air seal. The design has two nubs with a channel in between, which helps center the BB in the barrel for more consistent hop application. From PDI: Compact, but it has high powerThis...
MAXX CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber ME - (PRO / PRO w/ LED)
PRODUCT INFORMATION CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber ME Pro with Latching System & LED unit is specifically designed for fast feeding BBs and prevent dropping BBs after removing magazine on M4/M16 series AEG Airsoft Rifles. The Hopup Chamber ME unit is machined...
from $79.95
PDI Sus304 6.05mm Complete rHop Barrel Set (w/ Chamber & Bucking)
Why R Hop? In order for one to understand RHop, one must understand the accuracy and range. With the amount of misinformation spread online, we have to clear a few things up first and define some terms.Range: The distance your...
from $209.95
Lonex AEG Enhanced Hopup Chamber Unit (M4/AK/G36)
The Lonex ULTIMATE Hop-up chamber unit is designed for the M4 / M16 family of rifles. This Hop-up chamber unit features top-notch air seal and is designed to provide the best possible bb flight control.Features: Made from high-quality aircraft grade...
Prometheus HOP Tensioner/Nub (includes 1 Soft and 1 Hard)
Set includes one hard nub and one soft nub for different performance setups.Please note you will need to remove the mound on the inside of the hop-up sleeve.
Prometheus AEG Hopup Rubber Bucking (Purple Soft)
Prometheus Air Seal Chamber Packing / AEG Hop Up Bucking (Soft Type) - Increase hop up accuracy and consistency. -Soft material for better cold temperature resistance. -Made in Japan
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VFC Stock Hopup Bucking (60' Hardness)
VFC Improved Hop-Up Bucking Rubber-- The Hop-up Rubber is build using 60 degrees rubber-- Hop Up Bucking 60'-- Black Color --Good sealing, ideal to use as rHop base bucking.
MAXX CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber ME - SPORT
CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber ME Sport (with BB Catching System) unit is precisely made to improve accuracy and ensure consistent air seal for Tokyo Marui (include KRYTAC and KWA) M4/M16 Standard AEG series. The Hopup Chamber ME unit has a precision rotary dial design for fine...
MAXX CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber SV - VFC SCAR-L/H
CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber SV unit is specially designed to improve accuracy, durability and ensure consistent air seal for VFC SCAR-L/H AEG series. The Hopup Chamber SV unit has a precision rotary dial design for fine hopup adjustments, also re-engineered the...
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Prometheus Flat Hopup Bucking (Straight Chamber, Extra Soft)
LayLax(Prometheus) Straight Flat Hop-Up Rubber (Black)(Extra Soft) Suitable for use with Prometheus Delta Strike Barrels  
MAXX LED Board and Module set (for MAXX Hopup series)
Addon Tracer LED Module for MAXX Hopup Chamber. Drop in installation.
Maxx CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber MI - PRO
CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber MI Pro (with BB Latching System) unit is precisely made to improve accuracy and ensure consistent air seal for ICS CXP/CS4/EBB (include old models) M4/M16 AEG series.The Hopup Chamber MI unit has a precision rotary dial...
BCA RHop Cutting Mandrel and Feeding Alignment Tool
3D printed 6mm mandrel that we use for checking feed tube alignment in Daytona Systems and as a cutting mandrel for RHop installations. 
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VFC SCAR Hopup Set (Bucking included)
VFC SCAR Hop Up Set -- High Density Nylon Fiber Construction-- For SCAR Series Airsoft Electric Gun AEG Rifle Gearbox-- Clear Version
PDI Sus304 6.05mm Complete Barrel Set for HPA (w/ Chamber & PDI Bucking)
NON-RHOP. Rhopped version here. This version without rhop is meant for HPA guns, where a rhopped barrel can cause inconsistencies in shot placement and potential feeding issues. Because of the extra voluming of air in most HPA setups, the BBs...
from $189.95
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VFC M4 Hopup Unit (60' Bucking included)
Compatibility: For H&K 417 Series and compatible M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG RiflesMaterial: Polycarbonate Package includes one VFC Hopup Rubber.
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