Xcortech X3200 MKIII Chronograph



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  • Measures muzzle velocity from 30 m/s ~ 400+ m/s (90 fps ~ 1200+ fps)
  • Calculates muzzle kinetic energy from 0.01~999 joule
  • High quality DOT Matrix backlit LCD display
  • External micro-USB power input
  • Enlarged shooting tube (38mm) to easily line up your gun
  • High density IR detector for fired projectiles
  • Six memory options for saving various ammo weight and calibers
  • Shot memory log of velocity & rate of fire
  • Calculate min/max, E-S (extreme spread), AVG, S-D (standard deviation) via shot memory
  • 14 internal sensors
  • Energy per-unit area calculation
  • S-D standard deviation analysis
  • Extreme speed calculation
  • Energy per unit area calculation.
  • Reinforced PC panel
  • Tripod ready (Screw for standard camera / camcorder tripods)

Muzzle velocity range:̴Ì_30-400+ m/s (90 - 1200+ fps)
R.O.F. range:̴Ì_100-6000 RPM
Muzzle energy range:̴Ì_0.01~9999 Joule
Power:̴Ì_2x AA Battery (Not included)̴Ì_

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