SHS/RA AEG Super Lightweight 14 Teeth Piston
NEW model with improved teeth quality and tolerances.  Made of high grade polymer with a full steel tooth rack. Skeletonized piston body for extreme light weight, great for high speed setups.
from $14.95
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Prometheus Neo POM Piston Head
An essential part of upgrading your AEG, the Duracon Piston Head with Thrust Bearing has been remade to be more effective. Redesigning the ports at the head reducing the total weight of the piston head, the NEO POM Piston Head...
SHS / RA 7 Holes Swiss Cheesed Lightweight Steel Teeth Piston
Made of high grade POM featuring full steel teeth. Pre-lightened with 7 holes in the body making this piston extremely lightweight, great for high speed setups. 15T is a standard piston rack, 14T has the second tooth removed to assist with correction of angle of engagement....
BCA AEG Piston Head X-Ring
Unlike traditional O-rings, X-rings seal better under pressure instead of blowing out. These X-rings are sized to provide a tight seal in standard cylinder sizes. We recommend sizing your cylinder to reduce internal friction as well. X-rings are compatible with...
ACE1ARMS/RA CNC Aluminum Piston Head -
7075 aircraft-grade aluminum construction, flat ported impact face for reduced wear on sorbo pads. Includes a set of washers and bearings to reduce torsional force on the spring. (6 holes, flat surface, sorbo friendly)
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ACE1ARMS Polycarbonate 14 Steel Teeth Piston
High strength Dupont polymer piston with heat treated steel rack.
from $16.95
Prometheus Hard Piston
Features Durable polycarbonate (POM) construction Reinforced metal teeth Lightweight construction Drop in upgrade Prometheus is easily one of the highest quality aftermarket part manufacturers to this day. Based in Japan, Prometheus has continued to impress and outclass the competition. This...
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ASG POM Piston Head
The POM piston head have built-in pressure bearings to reduce friction from the spring. The piston head are ventilated making sure that the rubber seals are pressed against the cylinder sides when the air is compressed. This gives optimal compression...
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