Z Custom Steel Spring Guide Base for VFC QSC Spring Guide
These spring guide bases are 3D printed with 60% steel and 40% bronze binder. The wings are much thicker and are shape optimized to distribute load better, these are much stronger than the original VFC zinc base which is prone...
SuperFeed Series High Speed Replacement Magazine Springs (gen 2 w/ Heat Treating) (Pack of 3)
Maple Airsoft Supply’s SuperFeed series replacement high speed magazine springs are perfect match for AEG, GBB, and PTW platforms. These updated Generation 2 springs are heat treated to help retain their shape and avoid being crushed under their own weight....
Super Shooter/RA Steel Spring Guide with Bearings
Super Shooter spring guides are very durable since they are made of steel, whereas most stock spring guides are simply made of plastic. They also come with bearings to allow the spring to rotate naturally upon compression and decompression, as...
Matador Tactical Tune Down Spring for SSG Series Shotguns
Hammer spring replacement spring. Lowers FPS to ~320-345 (may require shortening the inner barrels, which are threaded on all models so they can be shortened easily).
Lonex AEG Non-linear Spring (M90 - M150)
Lonex Airsoft Upgrade AEG Spring. Depending on compression, barrel length/diameter, and other factors. Results may vary. M90: 310 - 340 FPS M100: 350 - 380FPS M110: 390 - 420 FPS M120: 420 - 450FPS M130: 450 - 480FPS M140 &...
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Ares Striker Sniper Rifle Upgrade Power Spring (SP400/SP450/SP500)
Upgrade power up tuning spring for Ares Striker sniper rifles. This spring features proper dimension compared to regular AEG spring, results in a stable compression and more consistent power output while reducing springy noise after release.
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