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PDI VSR-10 and AEG Hopup W Bucking. Replacement bucking for all AEG barrels, specific W hold shape for extra accuracy and BB control.

Made from super high quality rubber material for a perfect hop up bucking.

Can also be used in VSR-10 guns that use the PDI Hopup chamber upgrade part. Will not fit VSR original barrels - only the PDI Chamber (VSR, L96, and Type 96 PDI AEG style chambers)


Product explanation

Compact, but it has high power
This is new model packing of PDI.
It has two ring ribs on the outer surface, and they improve airtight.
And more, it has "W hold ledges".
Two ledges in the packing are steady of the BB's trajectory.
It made of nitrile rubber(Hs50), and has high oil resistant and abrasion resistance.
You can use it all season!


Material: nitrile rubber

Usable barrel: Tokyo Marui AEG Inner barrel , For PDI Hop up chamber inner barrel

About this product:

*PDI make it to improve the airtight so please adjust the centering each parts.
*Not for AEP and compact machine gun.
*If you cut packing by 6mm from the muzzle, it is possible to use it for TM M14. .
*If you cut packing by 2mm from the muzzle, it is possible to use it for TM new generation gun.
*If you use PDI hopup chamber, it is possible to use it for MZ type96, APS-2, CA M24.

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