BCA Service Wire to Deans Connectors (Per Unit)
Deans connectors are more durable than stock Tamiya connectors. They are also soldered instead of crimped, and provide a much larger contact area to provide lower electrical resistance and improve overall system efficiency.   Black Blitz Airsoft Gun Repair Service...
Super Shooter/RA/SHS Steel Spring Guide with Bearings
Super Shooter spring guides are very durable since they are made of steel, whereas most stock spring guides are simply made of plastic. They also come with bearings to allow the spring to rotate naturally upon compression and decompression, as...
Lonex POM Ventilated Piston Head
The LONEX POM Ventilation Ball Bearing Piston Head is a great cost effective high end replacement for your standard Airsoft AEG rifles piston head.  The LONEX POM Ventilation Piston Head comes with ball bearings that help relieve spring stress. This...
BCA Service Spring Change Service
Spring change service for your AEGs. Quick Spring changes are typically done on the same day, semi-quck spring changes typically take no more than a week, and all other spring changes will take standard tech wait time. Prices include either...
from $20.00
Jefftron Leviathan EVO3 Computerized AEG Trigger Board (Bluetooth)
Leviathan - EVO3 is processor controlled mosfet with wireless communication.It adds new shooting modes, controls RoF, pre-cocking, active braking, low battery indication, statistics...Everything is controlled via application in the smart phone (iOS and Android).Device is fully integrated inside the gearbox...
BlackBlitz 1 Year AEG Premium Warranty
Find that extra peace of mind, our premium warranty package has you and your AEG covered. Our premium warranty package extends your standard 90-day AEG warranty to one full calendar year as a replacement of the standard 90 day warranty period. It...
BCA Service General Teching Labour Fee - Unlisted Problems (Starting Rate)
General custom work starting rate for any unlisting service/repair work.   Black Blitz Airsoft Gun Repair Service Terms and Conditions Queue and Wait Time All upgrade and repair services are subject to a typical wait time of 10 business days upon receiving...
LCT PK-371 Ver. 3 QSC Gearbox Shell for AEG (9mm Bearings)
For LCT AEG. Ver. 3 Quick Spring Change gearbox with 9mm bearings. If you are running an older non-QSC LCT gearbox, these are a good upgrade for both convenience and durability, as 9mm bearings are sturdier than those in the...
BCA Service AEG Compression Parts Installation/Service (Per Unit)
Package includes labour cost of: Inspection and test of all air seal components piston condition piston head seal cylinder head seal nozzle to cylinder head interface nozzle wobble and alignment tappet plate motion Installation and replacement of parts as necessary...
Sold Out
Angel Custom POM Enhanced Piston Head w/ Bearing
Features: Lightweight and durable polycarbonate reduces weight and improves reliability of the piston head High grade rubber O-ring provides superior air seal ensuring reliable performance Porting expands the O-ring providing a seal that fits most popular AEG cylinders Aluminum stalk...
BCA Service AEG Partial and Full Builds (Level 2 / Level 3)
Level 2 Build SAMPLE PARTS LIST PDI 6.05mm SUS304 Stainless Steel Inner Barrel OR Lambda 6.05mm SUS304 Stainless Steel Inner Barrel (depending on availability) R Hop Installation for PDI Barrel Lonex Metal Hopup Chamber Lonex Hop Up Rubber BTC Spectre Mk.II Non-Bluetooth...
BCA Service AEG Motor Commutator Service
Over time, heat and arcing between the motor brushes and the commutator will cause wear as well as carbon residue. This will gradually decrease the performance of the motor, producing less performance and taking more power to do so. In extreme...
BCA Service Gear & Motor Installation/Service (Per Unit)
Package includes labour cost of: Gear shimming Bevel-pinion interface corrected Gear slop minimized Drivetrain surfaces re-lubricated as necessary Pinion installation and motor height adjustment as necessary Short stroking as necessary Bushing installation as necessary Black Blitz Airsoft Gun Repair Service...
BCA Service Off-Spec Parts Modification and Fitment (Starting Rate)
Off spec parts modified to fit. If the parts you ordered is off spec, we can cut it to fit. ---------   Black Blitz Airsoft Gun Repair Service Terms and Conditions Queue and Wait Time All upgrade and repair services...
BCA Service Electrical Work for Trigger Group and Wiring (Per Unit)
Package includes labour cost of: Trigger assembly and wiring installation & service MOSFET/Trigger Board installation (if purchased) Complete re-wire of electrical system Connector change if necessary (i.e wire to dean) Black Blitz Airsoft Gun Repair Service Terms and Conditions Queue...
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