Odin Innovations M12 Parts Rebuild Kit



  • Factory replacement component
  • Included all internal components
  • Manufactured by Odin Innovations

The Odin M12 has been one run-away success, with the only exception that once in a while we'll hear a user over-tighten the clutch causing the teeth on the "paddle wheel" to snap off. As a service to our fans, we are now offering this parts-kit at our cost to Odin M12 owners. And remember, a properly adjusted clutch is a happy clutch! Your M12 can easily load a million rounds before the paddle wheel wears out, you just have to make sure the clutch is properly adjusted!

Manufacturer: Odin Innovations


Compatibility: Odin M12 parts kits
Material: Polymer

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Odin Innovations M12 Parts Rebuild Kit
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