Wolverine MTW Modular Training Weapon Forged Series (Standard / Tactical)

Custom Gun Builds

NEW 2022 version!


Behold the MTW Forged Series. Wolverine Airsoft’s flagship Airsoft Replica, like all MTW’s it has been designed and built from the ground up to deliver unrivaled performance, modularity, and compatibility. Starting life with real AR-15 forgings we machine them to our intrinsically aligned HPA airsoft spec, including spring loaded charging handle, forward assist, and cosmetic dust cover. Extremely robust all metal CNC machined operator controls featuring adjustable curved trigger, ambidextrous selector, and bolt catch. Powered by the simply dominate Inferno Gen2 engine combined with a CNC aluminum Hop-Up. Precisely controlled by an Advanced Electronics kit with optical select fire sensor and a Premium FCU. Completed with real steel spec furniture and an unconquered rail from Invictus Manufacturing. The MTW Forged series is built for the player who refuses to compromise.

MTW Forged Series Standard Features (Available in 10″ and 14″)

  • Forged upper receiver with ejection port and forward assist
  • Forged lower receiver with removable trigger guard
  • CNC aluminum hop-up
  • Advanced Electronics Kit (Advanced Trigger Board / Premium FCU
  • Ambidextrous selector switch with steel paddles
  • Adjustable CNC curved trigger
  • Mock gas tube
  • QD sling plate
  • INFERNO Gen 2 with Integrated Filtered Line
  • Empty Mag Detection when using Wolverine Airsoft magazines
  • Functioning bolt release
  • Advanced Feed Tube Assembly
  • Forged series steel flash Hider with black oxide finish

Tactical Upgraded Features (Available in 10″)

  • 10″ Invictus Quad Rail
  • Milspec Series steel flash hider with black oxide finish
  • Premium real steel grip
  • Heavy-duty milspec stock
Standard Trim Tactical Trim (10″ Only)
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