WE P226 Series GBB Pistol (Greengas)

Gas Guns and Sniper Rifles

WE Tech

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- Barrel Length: 5 inches / 13 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 24 Rounds
- Overall Length: 8.25 inches
- Metal Slide, Outer Barrel and Frame
- Functional Decocker and Safety
- Integrated Rail
- Realistic Field Strip
- Made in Taiwan

The SIG P226, usually referred to as P226, is a pistol made by Sig Sauer.P226 is the sidearm of U.S. Navy Seals Special Force. When it comes down to accuracy, dependability, ease of use, safety & longevity, P226 is on top of the list.                     
Features : 
1:1 scale high performance replica of P226 hand gun.                    
Except the polymer grip cover, this GBB is made by high grade metal.                    
Functional slide lock.                    
Hard kick recoil , Great feeling.

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