Puff Dino Silicon Spray Lubrication Oil (130mL)

External parts & Tools - Lubricant & Grease

Puff Dino

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Puff Dino Silicon Spray Lubrication Oil - 130 MLFeatures:

  • High viscosity lubricant (5000cp)
  • Easy to use aerosol can
  • Folding application tube won't get lost, ensures accurate lubrication

Evike.com Recommendations for Airsofters:

  • For AEG & GBB: Spray into the magazine bb chamber periodically to prevent dust building up in bb chamber and barrel.
  • For Valves: Spray into the gas in and out valves to check for leakage and to inflate the dried o-ring seal. To prevent magazines from leaking.
  • Silicon oils are used by technicians all over the world to test gas leakage, o-rings and valves.
  • For Gas Blowback: It is a MUST that you lubricate your gun and keep it oiled for expected performance. There are a lot of internal assemblies that may not work properly when dried.

Application: For general purpose lubrication and cleaning of most Airsoft guns

Manufacturer: Puff Dino


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