Prometheus EG Stainless Steel 6.03mm Inner Barrel (247mm-509mm)

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Prometheus / Laylax

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Prometheus is a high-end brand manufacturer of aftermarket parts with a special focus on enhanced performance. Their inner barrels are well established as being a top-tier choice for tight bore inner barrels.

With an inner diameter of 6.03mm, it is a tighter fit on ammo then most stock varieties (which are in the 6.05+ range mostly) but still not as tight as 02 or 01 barrels making them easier to work with. 6.03mm is generally considered the sweet spot for combat weapon as its tight enough to achieve some performance improvement yet loose enough to accept common ammo types.

Material: CNC Stainless Steel

Bore: 6.03mm

Outer: 8.55mm

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