Mancraft PDiK V2 Gearbox HPA Engine (Semi-auto Only) (V2/ SR-25)

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PDIK - Pneumatic Drop in Kit standard is a set of components which allows the user to convert an AEG into a HPA powered rifle. It is an extremely effective yet still relatively inexpensive way to upgrade.


The conversion kit was developed with precision rifles in mind, where shot to shot accuracy and consistency are of utmost importance.

The conversion has independently movable nozzle - just like in the AEG rifles.Location of Nozzle is not directly linked to the location of the gas supply element. This solution makes that - when conversion taking a shot, the nozzle (when the gas starts to move towards the ball) is stationary in the Hop Up chamber. Because of that, here is the better focus and precision of shot.

This type of nozzle has a great advantage - arranged axially relative to the eraser Hop Up. This solution makes the rubber is less worn and usually, are better sealed with.

PDiK works in semi-auto mode. This is the only available mode in the conversion kit.

The conversion is largely adapted to the needs of the sniper. Since it is possible here to get quite high fps - auto mode does not occur.

When using the appropriate regulator, it is possible to obtain a very stable, high fps. Power is adjusted by the regulator. Operational pressure is in the range 7-16bar.

conversion inserted in a modified V2/V3 AEG gearbox.
The gearbox shell: Jing Gong (JG) 6mm / Specna Arms - standard gearbox. Gearbox shells are black or silver (randomly).

- No electronics (resistance to weather conditions)
- No batteries̴
- Great FPS consistency
- No full auto mode - no worries about mad people with full auto;)
- Adjustable FPS
- Compatible with standard AEG parts (nozzle, trigger, selector plate)
- HPA/CO2 powered 
- Great trigger response

Set includes:
- PDiK
- About 1.2m supply hose (fi 6mm)

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