Jefftron Processor unit - V2 (AEG Mosfet Trigger Board)

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Fully computerized trigger board to replace your mechanical V2 trigger contacts, adds new features including rate of fire control, precocking, adjustable braking, and voltage monitering.

Primary Features:
- Simple installation inside standard V2 gearboxes
- Retains mechanical safety lever
- Six firing modes
- Adjustable burst fire mode
- Rate of fire control using PWM motor control
- Adjustable pre cocking for improved trigger response
- Unaffected trigger response in lower rate of fire modes
- Full feature MOSFET with adjustable levels of braking
- Adjustable strength of active braking (can be also disabled)
- Programmable low battery indicator for 2S - 4S Li-Po and 3S - 4S Li-Fe batteries
- Internal voltage, current, and temperature monitoring for self diagnostics
- Programmed through the trigger, no need to purchase aftermarket USB connectors and programming cards
- Programming settings are saved via on board memory
- Cycle completion and cutoff sensor in semi automatic

Fire modes:
- Safe - Semi – Auto
- Safe - Semi - Burst/Auto 
- Safe - Semi - Semi
- Safe - Semi - Burst
- Safe - Semi - Semi (delay between shots, motor vibration when it is ready to fire)
- Safe - Burst - Burst/Auto
- Safe - Semi/Burst - Burst/Auto (unique fire mode only in this drop-in processor unit)

DEVICE INSTRUCTIONS: you can download installation manual in English here [PDF, 629.53 kB]
PACKING: Device, screw, pad for screw to keep device in position and installation manual in English

WARNING: For experienced users! Please do not attempt installation unless you are very familiar with AEG mechboxes.
We can't guarantee 100% compatibility with all gearboxes, but processor unit will fit into standard and common brand's gearboxes without larger modifications.

VIDEO: How Processor unit - V3 works (functions are same as in processor unit V2)


VIDEO - Right working cut off lever with microswitch in the Processor unit - V3:


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