FS ELP HPA Tank for Airstock (10Ci / 13Ci)

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The new First Strike™ Aluminum Compressed Air Tank uses the best regulator technology in the industry to keep consistent air pressure flowing into your HPA system!

the compact FS 3K regulator is the best in the industry, measuring just at .75” from tank to ASA.

The regulator is 100% user serviceable using only two allen keys to remove any part on the regulator allowing adjustments to be made on the fly! The FS 3K also features a rotating brass thread collar that enables you to select the position of the gauge and fill nipple to customize your set up.

The 3000psi HPA tanks gives the look and performance of a high-end tank without the price tag. Regulators are individually hand assembled and tested on state of the art machines for outstanding quality and assurance. Features

Light-weight Aluminum Bottle (flat bottom cylinder)

360° Rotational brass threads

Adjustable output (275psi – 1100psi kits sold separately)

Low-profile fill nipples and burst disks.

Rapid Re-charge rate

Micro gauge

Tri-Label UN ISO Certification – Universal Acceptance Dual Burst Discs for added Safety

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