EV-Peak E4 Cube 50W Fast Balance Lipo Charger



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Fast and safely charge your lipo in less than 30min*!!!

Potentially revive some of your over discharged LiPo batteries by simply recharging them with E4 Cube!

Baffled by the vast range of battery chargers available? Tired of all the high-spec functions that you're unlikely to need? Then this super-simple, AC powered charger from EV-Peak might be exactly the thing you've been looking for!

Made for 2 ~ 4 cell LiPo batteries, the E4 Cube has just 2 connections to make: one to the wall socket and the other to your battery via its balance lead. That's it... it's that easy! No programming, no current or charge mode, or cell count to select, just plug in and switch on for a perfect balance charge every time!

Battery charging doesn't come any easier!

• Compact Charger
• Mains Powered
• Simple to Use
• Auto Balance Charge
• LED Capacity Indicators

Type: Balance charger
Battery type: 7.4 ~ 14.8V (2 ~ 4S) LiPo batteries 
Input: 100 ~ 240V AC
Plug type: US mains
Output: 50W  
Charge current: 4A
Balance current: 300 mA
Charge mode: Balance charge
Dimensions: 98 x 98 x 36mm
Weight: 278g


*30min is measured with BCA 11.1v 1250mah 25-50C Lipo Battery.

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