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DG/Daytona Gun

W/ R-hopped Prometheus EG 6.03mm Barrel & Fine Tune/Break-in
Basic Build & Tuning
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*****We are located in Canada but ship internationally*****

Daytona Gun System Introduction

Before ordering the gun, contact us to check availability.

Project requires 10 - 14 business days to finish.

Complete Daytona Gun, built into Retail New WE Scar-L Body.

--Barrel rHop for enhanced range and grouping.

--PDI Sus304 Steel Barrel for even better accuracy and long lasting performance.


Service & Parts list:

Completely built up with all the necessary machining.

Hopup Adjustment hole has been precisely drilled.

Trigger mod includes for pull adjustment & maximizing airflow.

Crush ring has been changed to POM ring for maximizing durability.

Quick Disconnector included.

Comes with DG stock bucking and stock VFC/LCT brass inner barrel.

(Contact us if you need PDI barrel & rHop patch)


Ready to go for break in period.

The Daytona kit means you can have even more recoil, louder sound than GBB system, and increased range like fusion engine, without spending a fortune on GBBR mags. It requires around 10000 bb break-in period where fliers and chopping of bbs may occur. This is normal while the bucking is breaking in ********You are required to install an AEG barrel made of either brass or steel. Never use aluminium barrel since it will be bent by hop up set screws.You also need to prepare an air tank and redline regulator with single QD disconnector wideboreline. Safe operating PSI will be from 80 to 120. Adjust PSI to control velocity, rate of fire and recoil. During the break-in period, please keep lube your gun with get some 1000 lubricant and turn the hop up all the way down to prevent potential damage. Only use the BBs that you use daily for break-in, never cheap out. G&G, Laser Dot, BB Bastard, Bioval, HPA BBs are tested to be fit well in daytona system.  Once there are no chopping BBs you can turn on the hop up bit by bit until the bucking is fully broken-in.********Warranty Follows Daytona Gun 90 Days Warranty Policy

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