Blackblitz Airsoft AEG Warranty Policy


AEG (Automatic Electric Gun)

Your AEG purchased from Blackblitz Airsoft carries a 90 days limited warranty which covers defects in manufacturing and material for the first 90 days from the date of purchase. Blackblitz Airsoft will repair or replace any internal defective parts at their discretion. 

This warranty is non-transferrable. 

In order to be eligible for warranty service the unit must be presented with original bill of sale or receipt. This warranty does not cover damage due to misuse/abuse of the system, improper installation, or operating the AEG outside of the manufacturer's specified operating range.

For example, user error includes but not limited to:

operating the system on with improper voltage rating ie. over 11.1V , insufficient maintenance, etc

Not covered by this warranty are: 

  • External Body Damages

  • Normal Parts wear and tear

  • Acts of God

  • Component modifications not performed by Blackblitz Airsoft



No return will be offered on any AEG products.

Blackblitz Airsoft Reserves the Rights for Final Explanation.

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