Gunsmodify CNC Aluminium Slide Set for TM G18C (Black)
Suitable for Marui G18C GBBCNC machined aluminum slide and barrel setSeparate dummy extractor part
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GunsModify CNC Aluminum Slide/Barrel Set TM G17
High-quality CNC slide set from GunsModify for the Marui G17.The slide is CNC aircraft-grade aluminum, matte black finish featuring engraved trademarks on slide and barrel. The outer barrel is aluminumExtractor piece is includedThis set does not come with sights, please re-use...
GunsModify CNC Lightweight Zero Hammer BBU Housing TM G17
piston with install screw ( piston head not included). 3, changeable rear plate. 4, rear sight screw. 5, Steel hammer and stainless steel rotor. 6, New design Hammer, Sear and firing pin spring. 7, Steel level with SKD11 60HRC pin. 8, Steel level...
GunsModify Enhanced Nozzle Set for TM Compatible G17
Suitable for Tokyo Marui G17/22/26/34 Series Airsoft Gas Blow Back GBB Pistol This Enhanced Loading Muzzle is designed to improve the durability of pistolAs many rounds fired from the pistol, the stock loading muzzle will get oldThis part is important for...
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GunsModify Enhanced Nozzle Set Marui Hi-CAPA/1911/MEU
Suitable for TM Hi-Capa/1911 series 2nd generation GunsModify nozzle, new for 2019!Structural improvements and superior materials for extended life.Can handle CO2/HPA setupsValve and valve blocker included
GunsModify EOTech Lens Protector
Prevents damage from bb impacts!Fits all genuine and clone Eotech sightsDue to differences in manufacturing tolerances , slight modification may be required with some brands Completely clear lensPlease note these come with a removable coloured film applied on both sides to protect...
GunsModify FLAT Trigger Set Marui Glock Series - SAI Black
New SAI Flat style trigger with engraved tradesFor Marui Glock series, and compatible clones Lightweight CNC Aluminum 6061SAI style, slim, flat, yet sexyVersion 2, 100% fit for Marui Glock 17/26/18C, no modification needed when installing into G18CReduce the trigger pull distance...
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GunsModify G17/26 Reinforced High Flow Nozzle Set for WE
High quality ABS plastic *PS: Please note: installing parts / assemble /fitting airsoft gun will need intermediate knowledge; for expert or airsoft gunsmith. Please refer to your airsoft gunsmith for proper installation / fitting. Fitting may be needed as the...
GunsModify G18c Reinforced High Flow Nozzle Set
Suitable for Tokyo Marui G18C Series Airsoft Gas Blow Back GBB Pistol Guns Modify Reinforced High Flow Nozzle Set for Marui G18C GBBMade by polycarbonateThis Enhanced Loading Muzzle is designed to improve the durability of pistolAs many rounds fired from...
GunsModify Micro T1 Lens Protector
Prevents damage from bb impacts!Fits all genuine and clone Micro T1 red dot sightsAlso works with Holosun HS403B red dot (does NOT work with 403R or 503R)Has been tested to withstand 500fps sniper rifles at less than 10 feetCompletely clear lensInstallation is...
GunsModify TM G17/18c Recoil Spring Guide Set (125%) (Gold / Silver / Black)
125% enhanced stainless steel recoil guide rod and spring set for Marui spec G17/G18C.Includes enhanced hammer spring. Must have item for upgrading your TM to have a metal slide and solve light strike issues.
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