ACE1ARMS 1911 Full Size G10 Sunburst (TM/WE)
Ace1Arms patterned and textured grips for TM style 1911.
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Ace1arms Aluminium Ultra Light Glock Extend Magazine (50rd)
CNC machined out of a 6061 Aluminium. 70% lighter than a conventional gas magazine. Anodized surface treatment makes it more scratch resistant than traditional magazine coating. Holds 50 round BBs. Designed for Tokyo Marui G series System. Backward Compatible with WE...
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Ace1arms CNC Stainless Steel Threaded Outer Barrel (Hicapa / 1911)
5.1 Stainless Steel Threaded 14mm+ CW Bull Barrel ( SV )For Tokyo Marui Hi Capa,MEU,1911  
ACE1ARMS Delayer type B (6pcs)
Sector delay clips attach to the sector gear and pull the tappet plate back for a longer period of time, which allows more time for the BB to feed properly into the chamber. Recommended for guns shooting above 25 rounds per...
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ACE1ARMS Motor Pinion Gear (D Shape / O shape)
Steel pinion gear. D-Shape usually works for SHS and ZCI Motors. D-shaped comes with a set screw. O Shape works for Tienly and ASG Infinity Series Motors.
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ACE1ARMS OSP Range-Up Mock Suppressor (TAN/BK)
Ace 1 Arms OSP style Suppressor has the same locking structure as the real one.   Color: FDE / Black Caliber: 6mm BBs  Dimensions: 1.3”W X 1.75”H Length: 6inch & 7 inch”(Recommend for SMGs/Rifles) Mount: 14mm Clockwise (7inch Ver &...
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ACE1ARMS Parallax-Free T2 Red Dot (Black / Tan)
ACE1 ARMS Parallax Free T2 Red Dot Night Vision Compatible (Tested on Gen3 Sentinel) Designed for day and night use New advantage technology LED allows 50,000 hours of operation on one CR2032 battery 2 MOA on dot size Reduced training...
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ACE1ARMS Polycarbonate 14 Steel Teeth Piston
High strength Dupont polymer piston with heat treated steel rack.
from $16.95
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Ace1Arms WE/TM G17 SAI RMR Kit (Black/FDE)
Product Description: Salient Arms style Glock 17 Tier 3 RMR RB1 Version for WE G17/G18c & Marui G17/G18c (4 systems compatible) The new Ace1arms S Style Glock is back! The Ace1arms nozzle housing system is designed to fit both WEG17/G18c...
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Ace1Arms WE/TM/KJW G17/G18 Aluminum Upgrade Slide Kit (A-Style)
Product Description: CNC Aluminum Construction Fits TM, WE and KJW G17/G18 Pistols (except for Gen 5) RMR mount cutout with cover Threaded outer barrel Comes with:     Blowback housing     Loading nozzle     Loading nozzle spring  ...
ACE1ARMS/RA CNC Aluminum Piston Head -
7075 aircraft-grade aluminum construction, flat ported impact face for reduced wear on sorbo pads. Includes a set of washers and bearings to reduce torsional force on the spring. (6 holes, flat surface, sorbo friendly)
ACE1ARMS/SHS Aluminum Nozzle with O-Ring (AK/M4/G36)
Product Description:   CNC machined aluminum air seal nozzle with internal o-ring for improved air seal.
ACE1ARMS/SHS/RA Stainless Steel Cylinder (No Port/ Ported)
Stainless steel cylinder, ribbed for improved heat dissipation. Full volume to match barrel length up to 590mm.
ACE1ARMS/SHS/ZCI Anti-Reversal Latch (V2 & V3)
Sintered steel latch on a steel shaft, comes with spring.
SHS/RA/ACE1ARMS CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head (V2/V3/G36)
CNC machined aluminum cylinder head with face machined for rubber impact washer. Rubber washer can be removed for sorbo pad installation. Double O-ring design ensures a tight seal against the cylinder.
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