Ares Amoeba Striker Sniper Rifle Magazine (Long / Short)



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High Strength Polymer made Magazine for

Ares Amoeba Striker Sniper Rifle


Ensure you're not left out on the battlefield stranded with no ammo, by picking yourself up an extra Striker Magazine for your ARES Amoeba. Mid-Capacity magazines offer stealth operation by eliminating BB rattle often experienced with Hi-Cap magazines. The High Tension Internal Spring, which is similar to a real steel magazine, offers smoother, more reliable BB feeding than Hi-Cap magazine which results in fewer jams. Mid-Capacity magazines offer a more realistic gameplay, as larger magazines do not exist in real life warfare. Due to the design of all Mid-Cap magazines, they function better once they are broken in and the spring becomes more flexible and can be manually broken in by spraying some light silicone oil into the magazine and loading and unloading the magazine couples times allowing perfectly smooth function, every time.

Long magazine holds 55 rounds, short holds 45.

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