Xpert AEG Brushless Motor for V2 Gearbox (Long Type) (By NOVA TECH)

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 Features and specifications
  •     Brushless design - eliminates many mechanical limitations. 
  •     Equipped with electronic MOSFET that allows voltage, temperature, and resistance monitoring.
  •     Can be programmed and set up burst mode (2 - 5rds). 
  •     Shot counts down setting from 299rds to 0rd,or unlimited
  •     Full auto trigger setting time gaps selection from 0 sec to 1 sec: pulling the trigger again within x amount of time on Burst mode enables full auto.
  •     Battery warning or cut-off when operating voltage drops under 3.2v. 
  •     Battery voltage display.
  •     Each semi shot is pre-cocked automatically. Full auto mode releases the pre-cock.
  •     Operating Voltage: DC 7.4V 11.1V
  •     Operating Temperature: -10~+60 ºC
  •     Maximum Power: 210W
  •     Motor Speed: 7.4V 21600rpm ±10%
  •     Operating Voltage: DC7.4v-11.1v

What would happen after you install this motor?

  •    Drastically increased response ~40% noticeable increase
  •    Low noise (no winding/ grinding sound)
  •    Low maintenance due to lack of brushes resulting in drastically increased life-span.
  •    Less heat production; better heat dissipation
  •    Lower power consumption from removing friction between brushes and the rotor
  •    Higher energy output due to no heat production from brushes. More energy transferred to the rotor.
  •    Higher speed range due to lower rotor load (stationary coils)
  •    Higher efficiency (combination of higher energy output and lower energy consumption)
  •    Very torque. Can pull heavy springs easily without torque gears. Resulted from a combined increase in overall performance.

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