Siegetek Revolution Plus Ultra High Speed Gearset (10.44:1 /14.09:1) (Pinion Gear Included)

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("O" Pinion Gear Included)

4 gears in total.

Siegetek gears are the best gears on the market. Period. Barring extreme user error, they are pretty much indestructible. We've installed over 50 sets without a single failure. All components are CNC machined out of chromium molybdenum steel rods, case hardened, and then given a chemical coating for even more durability. All other gear sets on the market are either cast or sintered, then press fit or held together with pins. Siegetek gears are welded together.

Installation should only be performed by experienced users. These gears are very hard, and are not very forgiving of mistakes with shimming and installation.

This is the 10:1 extreme high speed gear set. We recommend pairing it with either the ASG Infinity 18000 RPM Motor for a cool running efficient build with good trigger response, or the Tienly U-30000 Motor for an all 'round trigger response and rate of fire build. If you are looking to max out your rate of fire, we have gotten up to 60 RPS with this gear set, a Tienly U-45000 on 11.1 and some extreme fine tuning.

Material: Case Hardened Chromoly Steel
Fits: Version 2 and 3 gearboxes

Enlarged sector gear release tooth provides enhanced strength to cope with the accumulated spring load at the end of piston cycles.
Increased gear thickness provides higher bearing surface and improves structural durability
Shape-optimized anti-reversal gear prevents uneven wear on the anti-reversal latch and reduces noise.
Precisely calculated and accurately produced gear teeth involute profiles provide maximum efficiency and durability.
Shape-optimized power cut-off cam decreases cut-off lever reset time, which reduces the chance of trigger switch jam.


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