Ace1Arms WE/TM G17 SAI RMR Kit (Black/FDE)

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Product Description:

Salient Arms style Glock 17 Tier 3 RMR RB1 Version for WE G17/G18c & Marui G17/G18c (4 systems compatible)

The new Ace1arms S Style Glock is back!

The Ace1arms nozzle housing system is designed to fit both WEG17/G18c & Marui G17/G18c systems.

With the new laser marked iron sights and new match-fit outer barrel.


Kits include:

SAI Glock 17 Tier 3 RMR REDBACK ONE Slide (Laser Marking)

SAI New Match-fit Outer Barrel

Suppressor Iron Front & Rear Sight (Laser Marking)

SEMI-AUTO Selector Device (Short screws for G17 systems, long screws for G18c systems)

Nozzle Housing systems (fits WE G17/G18c & Marui G17/G18c systems)

Steel Spring Guide Set

RMR Dot Sight

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