Condor H-GLOCK/1911: Amibextrous Holster (Black/Tan)

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Condor Outdoor

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  • Modular design for left or right handed users
  • Retention system with secondary elastic cord to secure weapon
  • Two different models for 1911, Glock or similar pistols
  • One 4" and one 6" MOD strap included
  • One pistol mag pouch
Sizes (for 1911):
  • Holster will fit 1911 compact/full size (NOT sub-compact) models.
  • Will NOT work with light/laser attached to rail
Sizes (for Glock)
  • Holster will fit most full size/compact (NOT sub-compact) polymer striker pistols
  • Holster fits GLOCK MODEL 17 thru 35 in calibers 9MM, 40 S&W and 45 GAP
  • Will also fit XDs, S&W, Ruger, Sig Sauer. As well as some non polymer pistols HK, TAURUS 99, SIG, RUGER P89
  • Will NOT work with light/laser attached to rail

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