Super Shooter/RA Steel Spring Guide with Bearings
Super Shooter spring guides are very durable since they are made of steel, whereas most stock spring guides are simply made of plastic. They also come with bearings to allow the spring to rotate naturally upon compression and decompression, as...
SHS/RA Steel Ball Bearings for AEG (7mm/8mm/9mm)
These are 8mm Solid Steel Bearings by SHS/RA. 6 per pack. Bearings may be sealed or open ball bearing type and slightly differ based on the picture above. 
SHS/RA Meteorite Steel Bushings Set (6mm/7mm/8mm/9mm)
Heat treated steel ensures that these will not break on you. Bearings will reduce friction but they will fail under stress. We use solid steel bushings on all of our high end builds to ensure reliability. Part:8mm steel bushings Application: Ver.2 /...
SHS/RA High Torque Motor (Long Axle / Short Axle)
*Motor colour may differ between batches. Internals are all the same.* Balanced armature winding with strong neodymium magnets,18 TPA. Made for a lot of power! Use with 350+ fps AEGs.
SHS/RA AEG Super Lightweight 14 Teeth Piston
NEW model with improved teeth quality and tolerances.  Made of high grade polymer with a full steel tooth rack. Skeletonized piston body for extreme light weight, great for high speed setups.
from $14.95
Steel shim set for AEG. 
SHS/RA AEG M4 Nozzle (w/ O-ring)
7075 CNC Aluminium construction. Double o rings design for best air seal and helping centerlizing the nozzle. (Colour may vary)
SHS/RA AEG G36 Nozzle (w/ O-ring)
7075 CNC Aluminium construction. Double o rings design for best air seal and helping centerlizing the nozzle.
Sold Out
SHS AEG Motor Pinion Gear (O Shape / D Shape)
Harden Steel Construction.  
SHS AEG AK Nozzle (Long) (w/ O-ring)
7075 CNC aluminium Construction. Dual O rings for best air seal and helping centralizing nozzle on cylinder head.
SHS / RA Extreme High Speed AEG Gearset (12:1 / 13:1)
Oem'd by SHS / Rocket Airsoft New Gen4 version, with 10 teeth bevel gearAffordable gearset for high speed setups12:1 or 13:1 gear ratioFeatures hardened steel material
SHS / RA 7 Holes Swiss Cheesed Lightweight Steel Teeth Piston
Made of high grade POM featuring full steel teeth. Pre-lightened with 7 holes in the body making this piston extremely lightweight, great for high speed setups. 15T is a standard piston rack, 14T has the second tooth removed to assist with correction of angle of engagement....
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