Prometheus Stainless Steel 6.03mm Complete RHop Barrel Set (W/ Chamber & Bucking)

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Why R Hop?

In order for one to understand RHop, one must understand the accuracy and range. With the amount of misinformation spread online, we have to clear a few things up first and define some terms.

Range: The distance your BB travels while maintaining a relatively flat trajectory.
Accuracy: The level of dispersion within your groupings at a certain range.
People often claim that different hop up setups gives more range - this is mostly untrue. Two BBs that leave a barrel at the same velocity with the same spin from the hop up will have the same trajectory and the same range. It does not matter how the hop is applied, or what type of material applied the hop. If muzzle energy is the same and the same BB weight is used, one hop up will not give more range than another unless one of them is incapable of applying enough backspin to the BB.

So, the point of upgrading a hop up is usually not to improve “range”, but more to improve accuracy at the range applying hop in a more consistent manner in both spin rate and direction.

R Hop itself is a patch of silicone tubing that fits into the hop up window cut into the barrel. A good patch must be flush with the bore of the barrel and fit perfectly in the window. This patch provides an elongated contact area to provide a gentler, more consistent spin to the BB, as well as the ability to lift heavier BBs. Since it applies the spin directly on top instead of using a mound it decreases the amount of shift in the hop applicator as well as the resistance to the BB, therefore increasing consistency between shots, and decreasing FPS loss from applying more hop.


We will cut a patch of high-temperature silicone and install it to the barrel window, and ensure that it is flush. Hop up rubber modification as well as modifications to the arm and Sorbo nub installation are complimentary.

Pair with VFC Soft Hopup Bucking and Lonex or MAXX Hopup chamber. This setup should be a direct drop in for most V2/M4 platforms*.

-Prometheus Stainless Steel 6.03mm Barrel

-VFC 60 Degree Flat Hopup Rubber OR PDI W-Hold Bucking

-Lonex or Maxx Hopup Chamber with rHop Mod


Due to the internal tolerances of MAXX hop up units, some guns require stronger tappet plate springs to ensure proper nozzle alignment with fully loaded midcap magazines. They are available here.

Fits most standard V2 M4/AR-style platforms. Modification may be required to fit some bodies. If unsure, please contact us. Certain brands like Krytac and KWA may work better with MAXX Sport units. Please contact us if that's the case.


Black Blitz Airsoft Gun Repair Service Terms and Conditions

  • Queue and Wait Time
    • All upgrade and repair services are subject to a typical wait time of 10 business days upon receiving the gun and all parts. Repairs may be completed well before the estimated return date, or some time̴ after.
      • More accurate time estimates available in store, queue status changes every day.
      • Special projects may take longer and wait times are given as part of the consultation process.
    • Rush jobs are taken at the discretion of our tech department and are subject to a rush fee of 50%. If a rush job was taken and could not be completed in the given timeline, a standard tech fee will be charged instead.
  • All upgrade services are subjected to 90 Days Repair Service Warranty. Refusal to follow upgrade recommendations may nullify our offer of warranty.
    • All tech work will be tested with at least 200 BBs to confirm functionality. Customers may request a shooting video or test the gun itself in store.
    • Any damage resulting from user error is not covered under warranty. Example:
    • User disassembly
    • Use of improper power supplies
    • Use of poor quality ammunition or magazines
    • BB jams caused by over-adjustment of hop up
    • Water damage

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