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The brand new Master Mike blast shell features a MASSIVE spread — a 10ft diameter at 20ft — with a 60ft range, 220fps muzzle velocity, and 100bb capacity. Exceptional performance for medium and long range engagements, the Master Mike is the most effective medium-range gas powered blast shell in the world!


Airsoft Innovations is a leader in the airsoft grenade industry, and they're back with yet another innovative product. They've taken their Quantum Drive technology that you've seen in the Cyclone & 40 Mike and adapted it to create an all new 40MM Shell - The Master Mike.

The Master Mike is a WIDE SPREAD 40MM shell that fires one hundred BBs at 220fps with a 10ft spread at 20ft and a 60ft effective range. If we compare that to the 40 Mike we find that while the Master Mike has a 10 foot spread at 20 feet, the 40 Mike has that same spread at 100ft. What that means is that this Master Mike is a closer range weapon, designed for CQB and urban environments while the 40 Mike is designed for more outdoor engagements at longer ranges. We now have two shells covering a wide array of engagement scenarios.


  • Designed with close engagements in mind
  • Much wider spread compared to the narrow spread of the 40 Mike
  • Triple the range of conventional shells)
  • Smaller bb capacity and slower FPS than the 40 mike means that it won't hurt as much to get shot
  • Smaller than the 40 mike, designed to fit in all launchers

Specifications:Construction: Aluminum
Color: Silver/Blue
Compatibility: All 40mm Airsoft Grenade Launchers
Spread: 10ft Spread at 20ft
BB Capacity: 100
Range: 60 ft
Power: 220 FPSLength: 93mm
Made By: Airsoft Innovations


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